A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A Short Little Indie game.

You only have 1 bullet. Its powerful and can bounce around, but be careful you have to pick it up again if you want to continue. Try bouncing it off walls in order to out angle the enemies.

Do you like games that feel like they were on addicting games in 2005? Don't expect any fancy things like *modular controls* or *being able to lower the game music.*

Entirely programmed in Godot!!! WOW!

Your score is based on time you take and shots you take. Minimize both for a high score. Pressing R to restart the level gives no penalty.

I'm not going to be continuing this project any further. 


TheBullet(linux) 36 MB
TheBullet(mac).zip 27 MB
TheBullet(windows).exe 26 MB

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